Wednesday, 12 March 2014


A while ago, we stopped doing Wednesday pamper sessions here on the blog, because I got busy and forgot, or because I couldn't think of what to pamper myself with, or I did the pamper and forgot to take pics.

Regardless of my excuses, it's definitely time to get back into the habit of spoiling ourselves once a week, so I'm going to combine the Wednesday pamper session with my chit chat videos, since I received a really positive response to the chit chat that we had last week.

Every Wednesday you'll get a new video with a reminder to pamper yourself, and a quick run down of what I'm pampering myself with, and a little life update/chit chat. My aim is to keep the videos under 10 minutes, hopefully closer to 5 minutes each.

I've also discovered a new editing technique which allows me to give you a clickable video preview instead of the old click-through picture annotations, so please let me know if you like that too.

Welcome to Wednesday chit chats! Enjoy the first video!


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