Saturday, 1 March 2014


This week, I received an exciting box in the mail! It was my Sensationail starter kit, and I was so, so excited to try it out. I've tried gel polishes before, but I'd never been overly impressed with the way that the gel peeled (or I picked it) off within a few days.

As soon as I read the instructions included with my Sensationail kit, I understood why I'd been able to peel the gel away in the past. You aren't supposed to get the gel polish anywhere near your cuticles, as you then avoid the "fill line" that's created when your nails grow, and there isn't a ridge or lip to pick!

So... what was in my box? It's kind of amazing, actually.

I have a towel, some media info (on the card in the top RH corner), The starter kit, containing their pro 3060 LED lamp, and everything I need to get started and do a few manis, the gel removal kit, containing polish remover and nail wraps, a full size gel polish colour (as well as the one that came with the starter kit) and their cool little gel removal tool, which looks kind of like a shovel, but fits perfectly to the curve of your nail.
The lamp is really cool, and there are some long term bonuses to this. Sensationail (so I have been told) guarantee that their LED bulbs never burn out, and it's powered by socket, so no battery hassles, ever.

I am thrilled with my results, as I'll show you in the video below.

Here's how you can get involved: I'm using my Sensationail gel mani set to help me to grow my nails! You can document your Sensationail growth journey too, by following me on Instagram (@katysbeautysecrets) and using the hashtags #kbsensationail or #katynailchallenge!

Sensationail products are available at Priceline, Woolworths, Terry White Chemists and Chemmart.

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