Saturday, 18 January 2014


I've covered this brand before, but I wanted to revisit them, because they've expanded their range, and I'm absolutely loving some of these awesome things.

Boe Beauty's fantastic line is sold at BigW stores nationally, with every item in the range sold for only $2!

Here I've shown you some of the items I have (some sent to me by the awesome people at Boe Beauty, and some bought with my own money.)

The two large pans above are St Tropez Bronzer and Pink Goddess Blush, both really pretty on the skin, with a slight shimmer to them. The texture is really velvety and soft.

Next, I have some of their gorgeous eyeshadow duos, in gold/charcoal, Uptown Girl, Evening Glamour And Natural Beauty. I'll do some tutorials using these during the week on my Youtube channel, so stay tuned for that.
These shadows are all nicely pigmented and softly textured, they apply really nicely and blend out beautifully.

I like to use the lighter colour of the duo under the brow and across the lid, while using the darker colour in my crease to create depth.
 Boe have a range of different eye products. Their liquid liner is a felt tip applicator style, which goes on like a dream, and their curling mascara is a really great everyday mascara. They also have a range of eyeliner pencils, which are awesome for fine detail work, although they don't have the creaminess that I prefer in an eye pencil.
 Boe's collection of nailpolishes are gorgeous, too. They have a bunch of standard colours, and a new range of cute glitters, perfect for Australia day parties!

There are a couple of downsides to these polishes, and I only have these two to go by, so it could just be these colours, but they are very sheer. You'll need 3 coats to get it opaque. Also, if you're a person who doesn't cope well with chemical smells, these might be a problem for you. They are quite whiffy, which isn't a problem for me.

Last of all, we have some lip products. Along with their Lipsticks and lip lacquers, they also have a gorgeous range of lipglosses.

They are sheer, glittery, beautiful glosses, which look awesome alone, or over the top of a lipstick.

 They look especially amazing over the top of their range of Matte lip creams, which come in 4 different colours. These lip creams are so great, I've decided to give them their very own review post later in the week with swatches and a video for you to see.

They definitely are a must-have item in any makeup kit.

 As I said before, Boe Beauty are available exclusively at BigW, and every item is only $2!

I definitely recommend you get out to your local store and check them out. You'll usually find them on the end of an aisle in the makeup section, with lots of items all in containers together, which is half the fun. Digging through to find the colour I'm after is one of my favourite parts, along with the part where I take all of my items to the register and find that I have a facefull of makeup for less than $20!

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