Thursday, 23 January 2014


 I mentioned these in my Boe Beauty brand spotlight, and I really felt like they needed a post all of their own, because they are my favourite Boe product.

So what are they? Well, like the title suggests, they are a matte lip cream, so they apply with a doe foot applicator like a gloss, but they act like a matte lipstick.

The best part about them is that they are enriched with Vitamin E, so they don't dry your lips out like a matte lipstick often can. They feel really comfortable on the lips and they stay on for hours and hours.
 This picture was taken in the morning, right after I'd applied my makeup. You can see how brightly pigmented the colour is. The one I'm wearing is "shock pink". It's a gorgeous matte shade, which goes with anything!

With my red hair, I usually have to be careful about what shades I choose, but I really felt that this one added an awesome pop of colour without making me look silly.

 This pic was taken 12 hours later. During the day we had done things like eating hotdogs and drinking from cans, which can be devastating to the serious lipstick wearer, but this lip cream really stood up to the abuse. I had a definite pink still on my lips at the end of the day with no touchups, and that makes me happy.

For a more in-depth review and swatches, check out my video below. Boe Beauty products are available at BigW and they are all just $2 each!

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  1. I really need to try these! Their lip crayons are really good :) great review xx