Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Christmas is now less than a month away, and I couldn't let it pass without some lovely gifts for my amazing readers and audience.

This coming Sunday, December 1, I'll be launching a series of blog posts and videos, announcing several giveaways over a 12 day period.

There are some really awesome things to win.

This post is basically just to make sure you all know that it's coming, and to set down some ground rules for the giveaways. These terms and conditions will cover all giveaways associated with my "12 days of giftmas" series. Please read them. If there's anything that you don't understand, please let me know in the comments below.

1. Giveaway begins at 00:01 on Sunday, December 1, 2013, and ends at 23:59 on Thursday 12 December, 2013. I will not close the giveaway early under any circumstances. All times and dates are as at Melbourne, Australia (AEDST) time.

2. Entry will be via Rafflecopter widget, and winners will be drawn at random on Friday, 13 December, 2013.

3. Winners will be notified via email. I will not be direct messaging anyone via social networks, including YouTube. I will also announce all winners by first name and last initial on my blog and my facebook page.

4. Comments will be disabled on YouTube videos promoting this giveaway series. Scams have been run through YouTube to gather users' private information by YouTube direct message, telling you that the competition closed early and that you are the winner. The entrants' usernames are gathered using the comments section of videos. I want to protect my viewers from such fraud as well as I am able, and so this measure is taken with viewer safety in mind.

5. Entry is open to viewers from all over the world. International entrants, please be aware that at this time of year, postage and shipping can take up to 4 weeks, and your patience when waiting for your prize to arrive is greatly appreciated.

6. Some of these giveaways have more than one of each prize to be won. Please be aware that each entrant can only win once in any giveaway. If your name is drawn more than once, we will draw again. It's only fair, and in the spirit of giving.

7. In the event of insufficient entrants to draw winners, the prizes will be forfeited from the giveaway and used in a different giveaway at some later point.

8. All notification emails will come to you from my official email address:, and I will congratulate you, outline the prize(s) that you have won, and ask for a postal address to send them to. I will not ask for any further information from you, nor will I (EVER) pass on your information to ANY third party. Your privacy is as important to me as my own.

9. Eligibility for entry will be multi-dimensional, as I am aware that not everyone has any particular social media network associated with them. Therefore, to be eligible for these giveaways, you must follow me SOMEWHERE, either by subscribing to, liking, following or As my new beauty channel is just starting to grow, my greatest priority is to have new subscribers for the YouTube channel. (AND when I hit 100 subscribers, I will do another giveaway!)

10. Be nice. Be nice to me, because I'm giving out free stuff. Be nice to others involved in the giveaway, because they just want to win an extra little christmas present for themselves. If I see any nasty comments ANYWHERE, I will remove your entry from the giveaway.

11. I will try my very hardest, but I cannot guarantee that all winners will receive their prizes before christmas. Postage is taking ages right now.

12. Additional entries will be available if you follow/subscribe to Katy's Beauty Secrets on more than one social media platform.

13. 12 days does not mean daily giveaways. There are definitely more than 5 giveaways happening, and they will be announced at random during the 12 days of giftmas. Entrants are eligible to win more than one giveaway, just not more than one prize in any individual giveaway (as mentioned in point #6)

I do these giveaways as a way to thank the people who have been loyal to Katy's Beauty Secrets throughout the year. I appreciate my subscribers, my readers, and my audience. If you're new to KBS, stick around. You might get some great makeup pointers, and you'll be in the loop when my next giveaway is announced.

Some of my giveaways are sponsored (the prizes are donated by beauty brands, I am not receiving payment for them). I will identify these giveaways, and thank the generous companies who have donated their product and their time in developing this giveaway with me. All other prizes are bought with my own money, for the purpose of the giveaway, and have not been used or otherwise tampered with in any way.

Good luck, everyone! The first giveaway will be announced here and on my YouTube channel on Sunday!

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